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Colégio Notre Dame Recreio

Colégio Notre Dame RecreioColégio Notre Dame RecreioColégio Notre Dame RecreioColégio Notre Dame RecreioColégio Notre Dame Recreio
“Promoting education, considering the kindness and firmness, encouraging research, knowledge construction and development of the student, enabling him to citizenship.” Andrea Miranda - Headmistress
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“Rede das Escolas Notre Dame” (Notre Dame Schools Network) is present on five continents, devoting particularly to education, catechesis, health, integration and other Christian values. Its mission in the world, the institution deals with the founding principles of the sciences, in other words, it helps to clarify the knowledge and how it is processed in human being, investigates paradigms, polarities and limits.

This epistemology is science. It is also the reconstruction of procedural knowledge which investigates its principles, assumptions and results. Light and shadow, parallels and meridians are references for guidance and hope. Complex connections map, such as genetic codes, the basic structure of the human capacity to know the wide web of life.

Located in “Recreio dos Bandeirantes”, the history of the school began in 200. Although recent foundation, the roots of knowledge and culture of the institution are deep.

Aware of the reality of a changing world, “Colégio Notre Dame Recreio” responds with solidarity, justice, citizenship, social responsibility taking care and reverence for life and the planet.

In its proposal and pedagogical quality prints Christian values in all areas of knowledge and encourages reading, writing, art, poetry, philosophy, research and ongoing training to all school.

The kindness combined with firmness, care for life on the planet and  the other are principles which themselves are interrelated and streamline the vast web of life that permeates all of mystical experiences, teaching and learning in the school environment.

Campus: Colégio Notre Dame Recreio
Address: Avenida das Américas, 19.400 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes
Region: Centro
City / State: Rio de Janeiro / RJ
ZIP code: 22790-701
Contact telephone: (21) 2490-9250
Contact e-mail: ndrecreio@notredame.org.br
Map: Veja o mapa clicando aqui
Website: http://www.notredame.org.br

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary School I
  • Elementary School II
  • High School
  • Full-time

Ballet, judô, capoeira, swimming, futsal, gymnastics, theater, basketball, hip-hop, jazz, volleyball and jump.

School store; libraries; field activities; playground with swimming pool; heated pool; classrooms with air conditioning; Chemistry, Physics, Biology and computer laboratories; Room of the Future with electronic whiteboards, interactive whiteboards; theater (460 seats ); gym and multi-sports court; infirmary; experimental kitchen; cafeteria; chapel; covered patio; CFTV; English; academic monitoring via the Web (internet).

Number of students in 2011: 780

From: R$ 942,00 to R$ 1.426,00.
Reference year: 2011

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